Our Ensembles

An ensemble isn’t just a group of students playing together. It’s a family to belong to, a place to build relationships, and to learn about music in the healthiest and most creative way possible.

We’re so proud of what our ensembles achieve each year, not only in music but in all aspects of their lives, from school progress to social skills, to their improved confidence and enthusiasm.

Why are ensembles so important?

Joining an ensemble allows a student to explore and understand their chosen instrument in greater depth.

By playing alongside fellow students who share a passion for similar sounds and styles, we find that children not only grow into more accomplished musicians, but into more confident people. An ensemble is a place to share skills and socialise, to influence one another musically, and to forge lasting relationships in the process. 

If you want to take your playing to the next level, ask about joining an ensemble that suits you.

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How do I join an ensemble?

It works just like a membership to any other group. Our ensemble fee is £35 per term, which allows you to join as many ensembles as you like. Our experienced teaching staff are ready to help guide you along whichever path you choose.

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