Our Ensembles

Infant Ensembles

What's it all about?

Our Infant Ensembles are often the first musical experiences for our members. Focus is on exploring music whilst having fun. 

Our infant ensembles allow children to explore music in a safe and welcoming environment. Focus is on having fun and learning to make music with friends. 
About our lessons

How does it work?

Children in years 1 and 2 are welcome to join us, with no musical experience necessary.

During these sessions, members learn to find the pulse, clap and read rhythms and to find their voice. We start to explore different instruments, helping the children to choose an instrument that suits them once they are old enough to progress. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I join?

It works just like a membership to any other group.

Our ensemble fee is £35 per term, which allows you to join as many ensembles as you like. Our experienced teaching staff are ready to help guide you along whichever path you choose.
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