Frequently Asked Questions

How much practise should my child do per week?

It varies from child to child and for what standard your child is working at. We recommend to start with around ten minutes three times a week. As they progress the time and frequency will increase.

Do I need to buy an instrument?

With the exception of Drums, Piano and Guitar, we will provide you with an instrument free of charge.

What feedback will I get?

We have a parents’ evening once a year and your child will receive a report in the Spring Term. Of course you can contact your teacher in between times with any queries and updates. If your teacher has any concerns, they will contact you.

Can my child take an exam?

Yes, our teachers follow the Associated Board Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), Trinity and Trinity Rockschool syllabi.

What events are there to take place in over the year?

We hold regular concerts throughout the year for our ensembles. We encourage schools to hold concerts in school for our students to perform in. We also run workshops and play days throughout the year.

How much will lessons cost me?

A Group lesson fee is £11 per lesson. We use our Arts Council England Funding to subsidise the cost of the first three terms. Term one beginner rate is £6 per lesson. Term Two and Three are £8.50 per lesson. We ask that parents commit to a full term. We don't refund if lessons are cancelled part way through a term. 

Are there any extra costs?

You will be asked to buy books, reeds, strings and other appropriate small accessories. If your child takes an external examination, there is a cost for this. If your child is invited to attend music centre ensembles, there is a membership fee of £35 per term.

Are your teachers fully trained?

All our teachers are Music Graduates and receive full training and regular Professional Development throughout the year. Our Senior Leadership Team regularly observe our teachers lessons so quality assure their lessons and to continue to develop our teachers’ skills. We only employ dedicated teachers who are highly skilled at their instrument(s).

What benefits are there to learning a musical instrument?

There are many benefits to learning a musical instrument. It improves their ability to concentrate, to work with others, to be creative and able to express themselves in a safe, nurturing environment. Making music has shown to greatly improve children’s wellbeing and studies have shown links to improved Maths skills when learning an instrument. It’s also fun and full of joy!

How long are lessons?

Group lessons are 30 minutes, unless there is only one child in the school learning the particular instrument, then the lesson lasts 15 minutes.

How can I pay for lessons?

You can pay online using Stripe, termly in advance, or you can set up a monthly payment plan. Alternatively you can phone up and pay by card or drop in and pay by card, cash or cheque in person. Please note we ask parents to commit to a full term. We do not issue refunds for cancellations part way through a term. 

My child is a beginner to music, is that ok?

Absolutely. Our teachers will guide your child through all the basics of learning an instrument, including teaching them to learn to read and about the elements of music such as pulse, rhythm, pitch.

I can't play an instrument - how will I be able to help my child?

Our teachers will ensure your child understands everything they need to do at home. A parent doesn’t need to be able to play an instrument, or read music to support their child’s learning. All they need is encouragement, a reminder to practise and someone to listen to them play. 

Do you teach all instruments in every school?

We aim to offer every instrument in school but sometimes we are unable to offer all due to room availability and school size. If we can’t offer a lesson in school, we will offer a lesson at our Music Centre in Bury Town Centre after school.

What is the sign up process?

Registering for lessons couldn’t be easier. Simply complete our registration process on our website and we can be teaching your child the following week.

Can my child play in an ensemble?

Absolutely! We have orchestras, concert bands, brass bands, jazz bands and choirs for your child to join. As soon as your child has reached the appropriate standard, your teacher will invited you to the ensembles.

What music books should I buy?

Your teacher will tell you what books and accessories your child will need.

What if my child or teacher is isolating?

If your child is isolating due to Covid, we will offer an online lesson via Teams or Zoom. If our teacher is isolating and is well enough to work, they will offer an online lesson.

My child’s teacher was off today, will we get a refund for that lesson?

You will only be charged for lessons if our teacher was available to teach the lesson. If your child misses the lesson for any reason, you will still be charged for that lesson. If our teacher is off and doesn’t offer an online lesson in replacement, you won’t be charged.

Will school mind them missing school lessons for an instrument lesson?

We work closely with our schools to ensure good working relationships. We work together to ensure children aren’t missing vital learning in class. For secondary aged students, we rotate the time of the lesson as often as possible to ensure they don’t miss the same school lesson each week.

What age do you teach up to?

We offer lessons from year two upwards. There is no maximum age limit!

Do you offer lessons for adults?

Yes we offer lesson at the Music Centre in the evenings for adults. Adult lessons are £15 per lesson for a 30 minute individual lesson. We can offer a group lesson if you would rather learn in a group with other adults (Subject to availability).

What does practice look like?

Practice would usually comprise of a warm up exercise, maybe a technical study or scale and one or two pieces. This varies depending on your child’s level. Your teacher will write down what your child should practise each week. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will put you on touch with your teacher.

What if the instrument I borrow gets damaged?

Don’t panic! Contact your teacher or call the Music Centre office on 01617969910. Our teachers can often repair the instrument themselves. If there is damage we can’t repair ourselves then we will send off the instrument to one of our repairers. We will then ask you to pay for the repair/replacement once it has been completed. We recommend you take out instrument insurance for the more expensive instruments. Details on how to do this are on the responsibility form we ask you to sign before you receive your instrument.

Why do you only offer Group Lessons for beginners?

We believe that playing music with others is the best way to learn as a beginner. It instils a love of music and allows students to make lasting friendships with other children who have the same interests and themselves. Once your child becomes more advanced, and then needs more individual time, our teacher will recommend a 30 minute Individual Lesson.

What if I want to cancel my child's lessons?

We understand that sometimes lessons need to be cancelled. If you want to cancel your lessons, please call us on 01617969910. Please note that we do not refund any lessons already paid for if a child stops part way through a term.