I can’t speak highly enough of Bury Music. My daughter spent many Saturdays over the best part of 8 or 9 years making great music and lifelong friends.
Kate Brazzill
We have formed a strong link with the Music Service over a number of years now and the additionality they bring to the school curriculum thoroughly benefits the children. The Wider Opportunities program has been operating at Higher Lane Primary School for a number of years and has been extremely valuable for all the children (and still is) that have had access to the various musical instruments and the teaching that goes with it.  Initially placed in Year 5 it is now successfully working in Year 4 (recorders, glockenspiels and ukuleles) and has continued to be a valuable addition to music within the school.

The quality of the lessons, and the enthusiasm of the teachers, engages all the children and providing them with opportunities to perform in front of a live audience (the parents) clearly adds to the experience.  There are so many facets to the program that add to the playing element including singing, musical appraisal and improvisation that impacts on the children and a number are inspired to continue learning an instrument as they move up through the school.  As headteacher I am always amazed to see how far Year 4 come in a very short space of time and look forward to the performances.

Indeed, we have an array of musical talent across the school and I am completely in awe of the talent of Higher Lane pupils.
The staff from the music service are excellent and the Wider Opportunities program is only one small part of what happens in any given week.  Lessons cover a range of instruments including violin, guitar, flute, drums, cello, trombone and many more.  It is wonderful to see the children's talents flourish and the dedication and enthusiasm of the music service staff is key to all this.  We also have two weekly choirs, termly concerts and an orchestra.  Pupils also have the opportunity to perform in the Friday Key Stage 2 assembly and we are also looking forward to a number of events throughout the school year.
Music has really gained in prominence and is very much part of the school's curriculum.  We want to provide the children with as many opportunities as possible to grow and develop and music certainly enables this.  Working with the staff from the music service is a positive and enriching experience for children and staff alike and it is a relationship that, as a school, we will continue to promote and develop.
As a Mum who has never touched an instrument nor can sing a note in tune Bury Music Service for the past 10 years has allowed my boys to thrive in a world I would never have thought to introduce them to. From watching the teachers perform on their instruments at Primary School they have been inspired and encouraged to follow their musical journey. The staff are passionate, enthusiastic and extremely hardworking. They genuinely care about all the kids and want to open up the world of music to them and help them achieve their musical potential. The wide range of musical opportunities they offer means there is something for every child to explore. Their endless patience and support to the kids and parents has meant that both my boys have achieved not only the skills to play an instrument but the wider skills required to be part of a team and achieve something as a group. These are skills they take into later life, not just a love of making music which  as a parent has been a delight to see and be a part of. Bury Music Service has not only enriched my boys lives but mine too. Music will remain a large part of all our lives for years to come thanks to their passion and dedication. Lynne Findlow, Mum to a violinist and Saxophonist
Lynne Findlow
Choosing Bury Music Service for our childrens music education has been one of the best decisions we've made as parents. . The staff are talented, committed, and passionate about what they do. Music is a massive part of our family life now. Its proved to be comfort, a release and a focus especially during lockdown. BMS has given them an incredible environment to develop as young adults, to mix with like minded young people from all over the borough
Mairead Lepki
Last night was just out if this world.  I'm worried incase you might miss just how much last night meant.  Sitting in the audience (and I do love to people watch) the proud eyes of parents, friends and families, the Ooohs and Ahhs and the oh my's that you wont have heard... that was more than just a concert - That was tonic for the soul.  In a way, thank God for the mask, because loads of us were sobbing our hearts out! Tears of pure joy for the gift youve given us.  Thank you for everything BMS, the joy of live music, the fun, the swaying, the music,  the friendship, helping our youngsters be the best the can be. 
Mairead Lepki