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Brass Bands

What's it all about?

We have three Brass Bands: Junior Brass Band, Intermediate Brass Band, and Bury Youth Brass Band

Our Brass Bands are made up of Cornets, Trumpets, Flugel Horns, Tenor Horns, Baritones, Euphoniums, Trombones, Tubas and Percussion. The Brass and Percussion family make a thrilling sound when they all play together, with lots of exciting rhythms and memorable melodies. We play a wide range of repertoire, including arrangements of Pop and Rock songs, Jazz standards, Classical transcriptions and original music by composers writing for Brass Band today. 
About our lessons

Junior Brass Band

Ideal for beginner brass players who may have only just started to play an instrument. This group is all about having fun and making lots of noise together. Once you can play five or six notes, you can join us. 

Most members of Junior Brass have never played in an ensemble with others before. Our focus is on fun and participation and our friendly teachers are there to offer lots of help and support as students build their confidence and make new friends. Junior Brass players often also play in Junior Concert Band on Saturday mornings. 

When? Tuesday evenings: 5:15-6:15   
Led by: Steve Jones

We tend to perform in at least two concerts a year and love to create online concerts for our You Tube channel! 

Intermediate Brass Band

This group is for our more advanced members, working at around grade 3 to grade 5. Here we play slightly more challenging repertoire, allowing students to further develop their technique and ensemble skills. 

Teachers will advise when students are ready to move up to the Intermediate Brass Band and take on the new challenge of learning some harder pieces. Most students enjoy overlapping Junior Brass Band and Intermediate Brass Band for a period of time, playing the top parts in the Junior Band for fun whilst getting used to the more challenging music in Intermediate Band, playing 2nd and 3rd parts initially. We still have lots of fun but there is a greater focus on developing our skills and getting ready to eventually join the Bury Youth Brass Band. Intermediate Brass Band members often also play in Intermediate Concert Band on Saturday mornings. 

When? Tuesday evenings: 4:15-5:15 
Led by:  Mike Golding

We perform in at least two concerts a year and love to record performances for our YouTube channel.

Bury Youth Brass Band

This is our most advanced Brass Band, for players working at Grade 5 to Grade 8 level and beyond.

In Bury Youth Brass Band we play a wide range of repertoire and showcase the talents of our amazing students in being the best musicians they can be. Students are invited to move up into the Youth Band when they have built up their ensemble skills sufficiently to feel comfortable and confident in the more challenging rehearsals. We perform regularly throughout the year and enjoy learning lots of different pieces, including solo items for our most experienced players. Members of the Youth Band often also play in Bury Youth Concert Band, Bury Youth Big Band and Bury Youth Orchestra. 

When? Tuesday evenings: 5:30-7:00
Led by: Mike Golding and Steve Jones

How do I join?

It works just like a membership to any other group.

Our ensemble fee is £35 per term, which allows you to join as many ensembles as you like. Our experienced teaching staff are ready to help guide you along whichever path you choose.
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