Our Team

We have a large number of fully qualified and multi-talented staff members to teach a wide range of musical instruments to the pupils of Bury.

Many of our teaching staff also conduct a number of groups, choirs and orchestras, which are available for our pupils to join at Bury Music Centre.

We also teach music theory and curriculum, as well as vocal training.

Meet the Bury Music Service team…

Senior Staff

Jeffrey Wynn Davies – Managing Director

Gemma Price – Head of Service

Anna Shipton – Deputy Head of Service and Head of Wider Opportunities

Admin Staff

Holly Norton – Bursar

Matt Dunbevand – Administrator

Curriculum Staff

Tim Power – Curriculum Lead & Music Curriculum Teacher

Sinead McPhail – Music Curriculum Teacher

Strings Staff

Gemma Price – Head of Strings, Strings Teacher & Conductor of Bury Youth Orchestra

Sinead McPhail – Cello & Strings Teacher

David Price – Strings Teacher, Conductor of Bury Youth String Orchestra & Bury Junior String Orchestra

Samantha Elkinson – Strings Teacher, Conductor of Bury Intermediate String Orchestra & Bury Junior String Orchestra (also teaches Keyboard/Piano)

Brass Staff

Mike Golding – Head of Brass, Brass Teacher & Conductor of Bury Youth Concert Band, Bury Junior Brass & Bury Intermediate Brass Band

Brian Mather – Bury Training Concert Band & Bury Youth Concert Band

Stephen Jones – Brass Teacher, Bury Youth Big Band, Bury Youth Concert Band

Rupert Browne – Brass Teacher, Bury Training Concert Band, Bury Youth Orchestra

Lawrence Yates – Brass Teacher

Guitar Staff

Patrick McAndrew – Head of Guitar, Guitar/ Double Bass/ Ukulele Teacher

Kevin Wallace – Guitar Teacher & Conductor of Bury Guitar Ensemble

Karl Taylor – Guitar Teacher

Joanne Wade – Guitar Teacher

Jim Bannister – Guitar Teacher

Woodwind Staff

Anna Shipton – Head of Woodwind, Woodwind Teacher & Conductor of Bury Junior Concert Band & Bury Junior Clarinet Choir

Ruth Parry – Woodwind Teacher & Conductor of Bury Youth Big Band

Jane Green – Woodwind Teacher

Jonathan Jones – Woodwind Teacher & Conductor Bury Wind Ensemble,

Sarah Leach – Woodwind Teacher, Conductor of Bury Choirs (also teaches Voice)

Matt Dunbevand- Woodwind Teacher, Bury Youth Big Band, Bury Junior Concert Band, Conductor of Bury Junior Clarinet Choir

Shuojun Xing Knowles- Woodwind Teacher

Karen Giudici- Woodwind Teacher

Zoe Ewers- Woodwind Teacher, Conductor or Bury Junior Flute Choir

Percussion Staff

Nicholas Wallwork – Percussion/ Drum Kit Teacher

Jean-Phillipe Fuentes – Drum Kit Teacher

Piano/Keyboard Staff

Ann Smith – Piano Teacher

Jane Vallis – Piano/Keyboard Teacher

Samantha Elkinson – Keyboard Teacher (also teaches Strings)

Vocal Staff

Sarah Leach – Voice Teacher (also teaches Woodwind)

More Conducting Staff

Steven Sandiford – Conductor of Bury Training Concert Band

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