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What You Pay For:

You pay for 30 music lessons per year, and we in turn provide you with up to 35 lessons. This is to ensure that incidents such as teacher absence will not affect your value for money or your child’s music tuition.

You will receive an invoice each term via post to remind you of your next payment.


Rates Per Term

£60 – 1st Term New Starter Discount – New starter to music lessons (never had any other tuition with Bury Music Service).

£85 – 2nd/3rd Term New Starter Discount – Second/third term lessons at Bury Music Service.

£90 – 2nd Lessons Discount – Learning a second instrument at Bury Music Service.

£110 – Standard Group Lesson – Had lessons with Bury Music Service for over 3 terms.

£90 – Group Lesson Sibling Discount – Had lessons with Bury Music Service for over 3 terms, but also has a sibling who is having lessons at full price with Bury Music Service. Sibling discounts do not apply with new starter discounts.

£150 – Standard Individual Lesson – Individual tuition (half an hour) – not recommended for new starters.

£130 – Individual Lesson Sibling Discount – Sibling is also having individual lessons. No other discount applies for individual lessons.

£35 – Music Centre Groups – Fee per term if a pupil has been invited by their music teacher to join any of our music groups/bands/ensembles that take place at Bury Music Centre. This fee remains the same regardless of how many groups your child joins.


The New Starter Group Lesson Rates Explained (first year is discounted):

1st term: £60

2nd term: £85

3rd term: £85

4th term: £110 or £90 for siblings/second instrument (ongoing)


  • If a pupil begins music lessons after a half term break, the relevant fee for that term will be halved.
  • If your child’s music lessons will be paid for by the school through pupil premium or GCSE funding, please make this clear when registering.
  • 7.5% FAMILY DISCOUNT reduced from fees if parent/guardian is paying over £300 a term for music lessons.

PLEASE NOTE: After payment for the full term has been received, lessons can begin/continue. This payment is non refundable.


How to Pay:

Credit/Debit card: Please call the office and make your payment over the phone.

Online: BACS transfer information will be emailed to you upon registering online and will also be on your termly invoice.

Cheque/Cash: Please post your cheque/ cash to us with your registration form to the office address.

Monthly Direct Debit – Download our mandate form here. First term payment required upfront for new starters.


Direct Debit Cancellations: If you wish to cancel lessons before the end of a term and stop your direct debit, you must call the office to inform us.


**Updated Terms & Conditions – to be published soon **
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