“the Music Centre is a very special place that has influenced the lives of countless youngsters over the past thirty five years”. – Director of Studies, Paul Jarvis.

  • We teach in all the high schools and most of the primary schools.
  • We offer tuition on all orchestral and concert band instruments plus piano and guitar.
  • Pupils have free use of their chosen instrument.
  • We also provide vocal coaching in some of the high schools.
  • We are involved in ‘Children of Bury Sing’ in which some 32 primary schools take part at Bury Leisure Centre.
  • Bury Music Service is also responsible for running Bury Music Centre. We have several orchestras, bands and ensembles as well as groups formed especially for specific occasions and run by staff in their own time. Some two hundred and fifty young people aged eight to eighteen are involved; they play in a tremendous variety of performing units, including bands, orchestras and groups graded to cater for the different levels of age and experience.

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