• We teach in all secondary schools and most primary schools in Bury.
    • We offer tuition on all orchestral and concert band instruments PLUS piano and guitar.
    • Pupils have FREE use of their chosen instrument.
    • We also provide vocal coaching in selected secondary schools.
    • We are involved in ‘Children of Bury Sing’ in which 32 primary schools take part in at Bury Leisure Centre.
    • Bury Music Service is run from Bury Music Centre – where we provide music lessons out of school hours.
    • We have several orchestras, groups, bands and ensembles formed for various occasions and managed by staff in their own time. Approximately 250 young people aged between 8 and 18 are involved! They play in a tremendous variety of performing units graded to cater for their different levels of age and experience.


“The Music Centre is a very special place

that has influenced the lives of countless

youngsters over the past thirty five years”.

- Former Director of Studies, Paul Jarvis.



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